Embird Tutorials

Tutorials & Lessons on Design Editing with Embird Software

Embird is an editing program that opens a brand new world of editing embroidery designs for all embroidery machine formats. You can now resize, split designs, change colours, and so much more, all with complete confidence and ease! And to assist you in learning this wonderful program I have several tutorials and lessons available for you to purchase.

Creative Cross Stitch with Embird

Do you have the Embird cross stitch plug in and just haven’t started using it to its full advantage? Have you been thinking about learning how to do cross stitch with Embird and need a little incentive to start? Well, now is your opportunity!

This tutorial is a series of six lessons in both written and video format beginning with the basics of what each tool is and how to use it, continuing on from there with digitizing cross stitch designs from charts and from images, using pattern fills, creating your own pattern fills and the more advanced lessons, including digitizing cross stitch designs for multi hooping. It is available as a downloadable tutorial or can be sent via postal mail.

Flying Needle Machine Embroidery

Applique – A Story in Fabric and Stitches
(Digitizing Applique Designs with Studio)

Flying Needle Machine Embroidery

Learn how to digitize applique designs with Embird Studio This tutorial is in both written and video format in a very clear and easy to understand project-based format.

Flying Needle Machine Embroidery

Note: These tutorials are compatible with all embroidery machine formats.

Free Videos and Tutorials

There is so much to learn about Embird. It is constantly changing and improving with each new build.

To aid you with your learning process, I have provided several free videos and/or mini tutorials.